Our Life and Work

Our calling is to love the Lord Jesus with a first love, to trust the heavenly Father as his dear children for all our needs both spiritual and material and to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us. Prayer, either using the framework of a simple liturgy or informal, is central to all that we do. We make life promises of simplicity, fidelity and chastity.


The work and witness of the Sisters has steadily grown over the years.There is an opportunity for those who may feel called to join the community to work alongside the Sisters for six months.


Our work for the Lord varies as the Holy Spirit opens or closes doors. We welcome guests, trusting that as the Lord Jesus lives with us, they will meet with him and experience his grace. Music, some of which has been composed by the sisters, is very much part of our life. We work together learning from the Lord to live together as a family in love, forgiveness and harmony.


Bethany – the house where the Sisters live