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Krebsfreunde zusammen

This group is for those who have recently experienced or are in the midst of treatment for cancer or have recently been diagnosed as having this illness. It is a warm, friendly and understanding group firmly based in the Christian faith although those of all faiths and no faith are also welcome.

It you would like to speak to someone please ring 0151 625 8775 or 638 6370 or:-

Join us on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 3.00pm.

Our current programme is as follows:-

Mo 23 Sep 2019 Olwen Bell: Insights into Marie Currie
Mo 14 Okt 2019 Sister Pamela and Sister Florence: Dance in Worship
Mo 28 Okt 2019 John Peerless: Pianist - a musical afternoon to relax, listen and sing along.
Mo 11 Nov 2019 Share a poem - a favourite or one you have written.
Mo 25 Nov 2019 Advent Praise
Mo 09 Dez 2019 Christmas Dinner 1.30 p.m. (note change of time)